Christabel Blackman TVH MOSMAN Exhibition 2014 – The Celebration of Drawing

Christabel Blackman embraces drawing as life enriching. She was first introduced to life drawing at an early age by her father and art master Charles Blackman, painting from the model with fellow artist Paul Delprat, at their bush studio in St. Albans. Christabel attended life classes at high school, which were tutored by James Willebrant, who concentrated on definition of form. She received master classes from Robert Juniper who was an absolute master of the line, he would draw the human figure more superbly than a calligrapher could scribe. She then went on in her twenties to study classical drawing for several years in Florence, Italy.

Christabel resumed life drawing in the intimate studio of Judy Cassab again with her elderly father had been her first teacher and maestro. Charles always used to say “If you want to be an artist, start by doing a drawing a day.” He taught her about how negative space is just as important as the positive. More importantly Charles taught Christabel about the power of an image, how the finished picture is paramount, it is what counts. That image is what transmits the sentiment and the narrative. With a drawing, you can wrap a line around a dream.

Christabel says “I consider drawing to be a great companion. For me it is a type of meditation, a way of spending time observing with concise precision. I like the discipline of the single line because you have to give it your best, and accept its outcome. You don’t need to keep going over and over the same line to get it right. It is a form of deliberate honesty, and transmits the idea that whatever you do, it’s ok.”

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Christabel Blackman

  BORN 1959 Melbourne, Australia STUDIES University of Valencia, Spain, Masters Degree. Official Postgraduate Degree in Science and Conservation Cultural Property. (specialising in Easel Painting) Attestato de Qualifica Professionale de … read more →