David Bromley TVH Exhibition 2014 – Scrapbook

Back working in Melbourne after a few years under the trees in Byron has meant a new love affair with my studio in the city.

I went through old drawings and unfinished paintings and a few favourite works that have over time been benchmarks in my art and used them for composing and constructing collages.

Collage is to me one of my favourite ways of working and I have loved the way Rauschenberg and many others have used this approach to make such great paintings in art history.

I have been working on a big installation in Singapore partly made up of round and oval canvases to form a large scale mural and I thoroughly enjoyed these shapes so have worked on some for this exhibition.

I have rarely painted small paintings in my life and have had so much fun painting these little ones.

In the nostalgic returning to my Melbourne studio I also found all my old art books , falling in love again with gaudier , mattise , the Bloomsbury group  , degas and the list goes on.

These artists are such a part of my internal scrapbook and in some of the paintings I started off with oil sticks working on images from their world then overlaying it with my figurative work.

Every day in the studio is an adventure.

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David Bromley

BORN  1960  Sheffield, England STUDIES Self-taught Background David Bromley immigrated to Australia with his family in 1964. Bromley emerged as a painter in the mid 1980s. In the early stages … read more →