Mackenzie Thorpe – The Good, the Bad and Me

British born artist Mackenzie Thorpe is bringing his reflective exhibition of Wild West inspired images to TVH Gallery Opening on 14th November to 28th November 2014. The exhibition kicked off in New York, in November 2013 at the gallery where Rolling Stone legend, Ronnie Wood, exhibits and is making its way around the U.S. before moving to the U.K. and Australasia in 2014. It is all thousands of miles and a couple of lifetimes away from Thorpe’s upbringing in Middlesbrough, in the north east of England.

This collection of work highlights just how influential the ‘Wild West’, as portrayed by Hollywood, was to a whole generation. Experienced through movies and TV, the genre provided excitement and colour and an evocative window to America, land of the free, land of hope and promise. This exhibition reveals an artist at the peak of his talent and this body of work provides a fascinating insight into his world.

Thorpes story is a fascinating one. Born in 1956 the eldest of 7 children, he struggled at school with undiagnosed dyslexia, but had the good fortune to be able to draw, a skill not particularly applauded in a 1960’s working class industrial environment, more focused on skills which would easily convert to much needed income. Never-the-less, Thorpe eventually got to art school, via a few years working in the local ship yards and steel works and eventually managed to create a niche for himself in the commercial art world.

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Mackenzie Thorpe

BORN  1956 Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire UK STUDIES Middlesbrough College of Art, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire Byam Shaw School of Art, London Background I was the oldest of seven children, born into … read more →