Mackenzie Thorpe TVH Exhibition 2013

Mackenzie Thorpe is one of those “rock-star” artists. The kind that gets swamped with fans asking for signatures and gets pointed at on the street – “Is that Mackenzie Thorpe?” He has recently met with the Queen and his artwork featured in popular television series “Sons of Anarchy” and “Glee.” We see this kind of artist celebrity in figures like David Bromley but it’s not a common trend for artists and it is certainly a phenomenon.

We in Australia haven’t seen Mackenzie for a while. Last time he was here, he was the official artist for Channel 7s Telethon in Perth, which married his love for art and his love for working with children. Now, in 2013, we will finally have a collection of originals back on our shores – painted just for us!

“We’re all very excited to have new Mackenzie pieces in the gallery” says Trevor of Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery. “He has been so busy internationally that we have been patiently biding our time. And here it is.”

Opening on the 9th of August, Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery will proudly exhibit a collection of Mackenzie Thorpe’s finest new originals, as well as a series of his limited edition serigraphs and sculptures. “Fans won’t be disappointed.” Says Trevor. “There will be a lot of iconic Thorpe imagery, but you will also see the growth and development in his palette. This is what excites me as a collector.”

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Mackenzie Thorpe

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