Anita West – “Places of My Heart”

My paintings are narratives that explore my emotive responses to the landscape and my experiences within it. I love the chaos of the bush the dryness of the earth and … read more →


Helen Norton TVH Exhibition 2009

Norton has used a meditation on Dante Alegheri’s 13th century Cantos – “The Divine Comedy” and in particular the middle section “Purgatorio” to interweave the very old theme of Purgatory … read more →


Darren James TVH Exhibition 2008

An intimate evening with Darren James. Exhibition opens Tuesday the 11th November and concludes 23rd November 2008.


Bruce Earles TVH Exhibition 2008

The Directors of Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery are proud to introduce Bruce Earles to their Sydney collectors. Bruce Earles, a Melbourne based artist, was a member of the famously influential … read more →


Leigh Hewson-Bower TVH Exhibition 2008

Leigh Hewson-Bower is a refreshing talent who pushes the boundaries of the realist genre to great heights. Exhibition Opens 22nd August and concludes 7th September.