Clare Wigney

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BORN 1997, Sydney

Studied at the National Art School, Sydney NSW

‘My work finds its foundations in the digital realm- and it aims to scrutinise the social, cultural and psychological phenomenon of the digital age and internet culture, through painting. Among the many experiences associated with the digital age. In particular I am interested in themes of fantasy, escapism, isolation, desensitisation, the virtual versus the real, connection and disconnection, the organic and the inorganic, as well as the hyper violent, hyper sexual and insidious content of the internet. The visual investigation of these phenomena through paint plays out in my utilisation of the visual code of pixellation- as it is a visual language exclusive to digital technologies and computers. Through pixellation, I reformat and depict found content from the internet- clip art, viral images, or interactions and text from archived blogs and online spaces such as chatrooms.’

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