Julie Davidson

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BORN 1955   Melbourne, Australia


1977    Studied Painting and Drawing at Prahran College of Advanced Education
1979    Travelled to England and Europe
1990    Travelled to Italy to study works of Carravaggio and Piero della Francesca
2007    Art Study tour to Northern Italy. 


Julie has produced a number of commissioned portraits and works are represented in private and corporate collections in Australia and overseas

“Intrinsically philosophical, still lifes can’t help becoming a commentary on the nature of being, of time; theirs is a dialogue between material and immaterial” (Colin Eisler).

Julie Davidson’s paintings could be described as romantic realism. Within these works the impact of realism is immediate, even more so because the object often stands alone and isolated, hiding within a symbolism that is both historically grounded and idiosyncratic. Romanticism combines the imaginative and emotional to produce a grand, idealised view of reality.

Still life invites us to meditate on beauty, mortality and truth. In my work, I employ the techniques of the old masters, using the art of the past to inform present practice; I also use digital photography, a tool of the present, to arrest time and capture it at a precise moment.

I place objects in bright sunlight with defined shadows to exaggerate the sense of time. This use of dramatic light, drapery and the dark, brooding Baroque palette creates a serious, monumental atmosphere into which I place simple, everyday objects. I also focus on capturing the poignancy of a beautiful moment, its fleeting nature, its impermanence.


1988    Reflections Gallery, Canterbury
1992    Riebl Gallery, Hawthorn
1993    Riebl Gallery, Hawthorn
1995    Riebl Gallery, Hawthorn
2002    203 Canterbury Rd Gallery, Canterbury
2003    The Gallery, Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn
2005    Lynne Wilton Gallery, Armadale
2005    LK Galleries Perth WA
2006    Lynne Wilton Gallery, Melbourne
2006    LK Galleries Perth WA
2007    LK Galleries Perth WA
2007    Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery Sydney NSW
2008    Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery Sydney NSW
2009    LK Galleries Perth WA
2010    LK Galleries Perth WA
2011    Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery Sydney NSW


1996    Finalist in Blake Prize for Religious Art
1996    Finalist in Mandorla Art Prize
2000    Runner up in Warwick Regional Gallery Art Prize
2001    MLC Art Show
2001    Melbourne Grammar Art Show
2002    Melbourne Grammar Art Show
2003    Feature Artist Canterbury Art Show

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Julie Davidson TVH Exhibition 2007

Exhibition opens 17th August to the 30th August ‘I use light to try to capture the essence of the moment, whether it be the highlighting of a seemingly insignificant object … read more →