Emily Corte Donovan

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Studied at the National Art School, Sydney NSW

Emily Corte Donovan is an emerging Australian artist based in Queensland, Australia. Her practice is concerned with environment and identity and focuses on contemporary portraiture. She is inspired by the work of printmakers David Frazner and Ian Phillips. She is interested in depicting the essence of a person, their personal traits and connections to their surroundings and immediate environment. A close understanding of her subjects is crucial and lends a respectful and sincere quality to the portraits.

Emily Corte Donovan’s body of work explores the relationship between person and place through a relief printmaking practice. She examines the relationship between identity and environment through ecology seeking to depict the environment as a reflection of the self, a form of portraiture. Her ambition is for the audience to consider the relationship between themselves and their environment and to recognise the importance of place in shaping their identity.

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