Isabella Edwards

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BORN 1996, Newtown, Sydney, NSW

Studied Painting at the National Art School

Raised in the rural, historic village of St. Albans approx. two hours from Sydney, Isabella grew up in stunning natural surrounds that fed into a love and appreciation of landscape and local stories. She discovered her passion for clay when beginning her studies at National Art School, Darlinghurst. Completing her Batchelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics during 2015 she later went on to do her Master of Fine Art in Drawing and completed that in 2019 again at the National Art School.
Isabella had her first solo show at Sabbia Gallery, Paddington in May 2019. In addition to participating in many group exhibitions in NSW and interstate. Her work is held in the Archive Collection of the National Art School as well as private collections interstate and overseas. She has been awarded prizes for her work by Mansfield Ceramics and was a finalist for the Little Things Art Prize 2018. Her writing has featured in the Australian Journal of Ceramics and Studio la Primitive Arts Zine.
She is currently splitting her time and artistic practice between St. Albans, Sydney and the Mid North Coast.

‘My work explores the relationship between place, experience and memory through drawing and the ceramic medium. These drawings depict sites of personal significance while the titles allude to their happenings. As such the imagery acts as both a backdrop to memory and a vessel to hold experience. Furthermore, the proposed half-remembered dream becomes something be explained and expanded on by the audience.
The ceramics medium allows for the formation of the vessel. The space it holds in reflects the ability of site to cradle and care for experience. Then later presents them as memory.
The walls of the vessel allow for continuous and surreal landscapes formed from fragments of imagery, they convey a lack of endings or beginnings. Whereas the wall tiles and paintings present singular crystallised moments, where feeling is distilled and held within the site. Both approaches reflect the true and ethereal nature of memory. How it constructs narrative from feelings and impressions as opposed to timelines and objectivity.’

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