Margaret Jewell

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BORN Sydney, NSW

2019 MFA (Drawing), National Art School, Australia
2017 BA (Fine Arts) , UNSW Art & Design, Australia
2002 Graduate Diploma in Science (Psychology), University of Sydney, Australia
1999 TAFE Diploma of Business Management with Distinction
1996 BA, University of Sydney, Australia
1994 Diploma International Associations of Colour Consultants, San Diego

‘My practice concerns the merging of landscapes, real and metaphorical, through windows, real and metaphorical. “Real” means the physical window and landscape in which my practice and process are grounded. “Metaphorical” encompasses the diversity of meanings attributed to a “window” as well as the diversity of perspectives embodied within the amorphous nature of human perception.
I make art that seeks to express an embodied engaging with the natural landscape where a viewer might experience perspectives as open-ended, unstructured, and not limited to some specific viewpoint or stance. We grow in life through consciously and unconsciously merging the unfamiliar through the familiar.
There are two processes employed: a window film installation and a fabric drawing. For the installation, I manipulate the recognisable and familiar image of a window from a traditional architecture. This image is printed on transparent film and hung on thin black poles in trees in the natural landscape.
For the fabric drawing, I use found, local, and standard drawing materials in order to increase my sensitivity to the particulars of each landscape. This tactile work provides a viewer with other ways to experience the natural landscape compared to that of the window film installation.
The window films have a double role in the installations and find new ground within the trope of Windows in Art. The film can stand in for a viewer who is bodily present and who can have multiple perspectives on the landscape and on themselves and other viewers. And the film has its own role of being part of what’s there in the landscape: buffeted by wind, and scratched against trees, and walked among by the viewer. For while they are there, the window frames and the viewer are part of the landscape.
The fabric drawing has a similar double role. It can stand for a viewer who is bodily present and on whom the landscape acts, as the process of colouring and muddying has acted on the fabric. And it has its role of being part of the landscape.
My practice sits within land art and installation art.’

2019 MFA Exhibition, National Art School
2018 Drawing Exchange Exhibition, National Art School
2018 Stairwell Gallery, National Art School
2016 Kudos Exhibition, Paddington
2016 Finalist Women’s Art Prize 2016, City of Ryde
2016 Worked with Cassandra Hard-Lawrie, Curator July/August
2014 – 2011 Visual Arts and Fine Arts studies with Open University through Curtin University, BVA with SCA, University of Sydney.
2014-2007 New Theatre Newtown. Created costumes and props for productions.
Prior to 2011: Created a working musical instrument – psalter.
Linocut printmaking:
Exhibited at North Sydney Art Prize
Exhibited at Reddam House 2009 Art Show
Open University Australia studies: Creative Writing, Myth in the Ancient World, Critical Thinking

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