Tania McMurtry

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Studied Painting at the National Art School

‘I have recently completed a Master of Fine Art Degree in Sculpture at the National Art School in Sydney and received the 2019 Harvey Galleries Award.
I am an artist and a teacher with a depth of experience developed while working across related sectors which demonstrate my skills in good administration, time and task management. I have consistently and successfully worked with diverse groups throughout my career.
I have had successful solo and group exhibitions, exhibiting sculpture, painting and drawing. Many of these exhibitions have been held in community run spaces. I have also fulfilled various art commissions over the years and currently work in my own studio.
I have travelled broadly and lived in Tokyo and London. During this time I participated within various communities developing my skills in understanding and adaptability.
In London I worked as a casual teacher at The Southbank International School as well as designing and presenting an after-school arts program for the primary years.’

‘My current body of work is inspired by growing up during the Troubles in a 1970s Belfast. It is about unity and division, beauty and fear, it is about landscape, trauma and resilience.
I use materials that evoke my childhood memories, predominantly steel and burnt timber. The rusted orange texture of the steel is strong yet vulnerable, it is a resilient material in its early stages of decay and reminds me of the burnt-out cars and buses used as barricades across Northern Ireland. The smell of charcoaled timber arrives in waves, sometimes as a pungent reminder of destruction, sometimes as a gentle smoky perfume. Like memory, my work is a living thing. The timber shrinks and expands with the climate, exposing and rescinding unforeseen perspectives. The steel rusts with exposure, its patina deepening with age. My work is poetic, and open to an instinctual interpretation that our experience and memory thrusts upon us.
I believe the role of art is one of the great constants: it is communicator, guardian of humanity, and our hope for the future. I hope my work encourages a conversation about the past, about the effect of trauma and war, about culture and connection to land, and ultimately, to encourage empathy and collective responsibility.’

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