Merryn Truskett

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Studied Painting at the National Art School

Prior to completing full time studying Merryn has always maintained a steady stream of casual workshops and short courses over the last 20 years. Short courses with artists such as; Roger Crawford, Joe Frost, John Bokor and Rhonda Dee, as well as studying a Visual Arts Degree part time on line with Curtin University.  In 2013 Merryn completed a Diploma of Visual Arts at Brookvale TAFE.

Merryn has been a member of Art and Soul on the Northern Beaches as well as Jervis Bay and Basin Arts Inc. on the South Coast.

These works are based on an autobiographical exploration and the historical domesticity role of the female. The use of bright colours, such as pink identify with the female gender and domesticity. I tend to reject convention with a conscious effort to give the works a spontaneous feel and a freedom of expression.

These figurative works are linked to memories and feelings relating to my childhood. My initial response is to start with a photograph which I then distort through feelings from my recollection of how I felt at that particular period in my life. My interest in colour relationships as well as pattern is an important part of developing and conveying the story. A high energy focus when painting, inspired by loud music and movement helps me to create a response that develops the work in the way it is meant to.

I prefer to use acrylic paint as it is fast drying so I can work quickly and re-work and add layers to sustain the momentum and energy of the painting. I expect that a picture is more interesting for the viewer if there is a strong relationship between the artist and the work. The best outcome I could hope for would be to produce paintings that give the viewer something to think about, without giving them too much information. I also like to include titles which either confuse or add to the narrative.

The aim of this body of work is to convey a sense of heightened energy and disobedience, engaging the viewer so they can respond by being transported back to a time and place of their own childhood.

2019 National Art School – Graduating Exhibition
2017 National Art School – Library Stairwell
2016 Balmain Art Show
2015 Shoalhaven Regional Art Gallery
2014 Glen Street Theatre Gallery
2014 Articulate, Curl Curl Art Gallery
2013 Manly Art Gallery
2013 New Talent, ArtFocus Gallery

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