Anthony Breslin – Business as Usual

Breslin Home Page 1Anthony Breslin is a painter, poet, performer, stage designer and director from Melbourne. For Breslin, art is a happening, a transformation of the material used, with artist and artwork engaging in a trance-dance of creation. As Breslin explains: “This manic search in coloured paint is an attempt to encapsulate the memory of an imaginary kaleidoscope I geared for as a child, but never did it magnify itself in any birthday box I ever knew.”

Described as a lovechild of modern primitivism’s denouncement of the ultra technological urban landscape, surrealism’s revolt against the Tyrany of Reason, and expressionism’s desire to externalise the inner turmoil of the individual, Breslin’s work is composed of circuitous outlines, undulating curves and Pollock-esque paint splatters, as well as deformed human faces and bold, festive colours. These embody Breslin’s attempt to depict the plight of the modern day human forever entrenched in the process of self-formation and self-assertion.

Anthony Breslin is a prominent Australian visual and performance artist. He graduated with a Fine Arts degree from RMIT University in 1999; completed residence at New York’s exclusive and prestigious Point B Studios in 2007; and was the recipient of the International Award for Emerging Artists at the 2008 Shanghai Art Fair.