Gareth Graham ‘Paternal’ Seaforth Exhibition 2019

‘This exhibition is a body of work predominantly produced in my second year as a father. This all-encompassing new role has been both inspiration and enormous hurdle as I force myself to find time in this new life to create art. The title, Paternal, is a clear indication of where my inspiration has been derived. I hoped to create a series of works exploring, in no particular sequence, experiences and observations from a paternal perspective. However, importantly, the works themselves do not all include the obvious connection to fatherhood. I have created works, for instance, Bucket Boy, which through the title, may be linked to a father’s activity (and mine in reality) of fishing – but representing these elements in a playful and incongruous way. The title is more about focusing the viewer to read the works through the ‘paternal’ lens and hence, allow this reading to permeate the way details and actions are interpreted.’ Gareth Graham.

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Gareth Graham

BORN Newcastle 1980. Artist’s statement As a sculptor, my inspiration is drawn from the human form. More specifically, my interest lies in what the human form conveys through gesture and … read more →

  • Gareth Graham, Fatherhood – Study 3

  • Gareth Graham, Fatherhood – Study 1