Diamonds & Champagne

Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery cordially invites you to ‘Diamonds and Champagne’, the launch of Marilyn – The 90th Birthday Touring Exhibition. On display includes work by George Barris, Bert Stern, Bill Carroll, Laszlo Willinger, Kashio Aoki, Andre De Dienes, Simon Claridge and David Bromley.
This eclectic collection includes original photographs, limited edition works on paper and original paintings.
Curated from collections across the USA, United Kingdom and Australia, Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery proudly present this wonderfully insightful collection to celebrate the 90th Birthday of one of the most iconic and influential woman of the 20th century- Marilyn Monroe.

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Milton Greene

From 1953-1957, Milton Greene took some of the most alluring and captivating images ever taken of Marilyn Monroe. They became partners, establishing Marilyn’s own production company, Marilyn Monroe Productions which … read more →

Laszlo Willinger

Laszlo Willinger was born in Hungary in 1909. He grew up surrounded by art and photography as his mother was a professional photographer who shared her passion with her son … read more →

Kashio Aoki

New York Yankee’s superstar Joe Di Maggio and Marilyn Monroe were married on January 14, 1954. The newlyweds flew to Japan for their honeymoon on Pan American Airlines where Kashio … read more →

George Barris

George Barris was born in Manhattan, New York City, in 1922. One day, his older brother gave him a box camera and little Barris was immediately caught by the magic … read more →

Bill Carroll

In 1945 Bill Carroll was the first photographer to shoot the first professional modeling pictures of Marilyn Monroe, then Norma Jeane. The photos were taken on a single day on … read more →

Bert Stern

Bert Stern was born in New York in 1929. He developed a passion for photography at a very young age and decided to study all the secrets of this enchanting … read more →

Andre De Dienes

Born in Romania, André De Dienes arrived in Paris in 1933, making a living of selling photographs to publishing houses. He worked for The Associated Press until 1936 when the … read more →