Mary Brown Napangati Seaforth Exhibition 2019

Harvey Galleries are thrilled to announce the first solo exhibiton of Warlpriri artist Mary Brown Napangati as featured in Art Month Sydney 7-30 March.

Harvey Galleries warmly invites you and your guest to unveil Mary’s inaugural exhibition at our Seaforth gallery.


Mary Brown Napangati was born circa 1950 near Yuendumu where she was surrounded by her successful artist sisters Jeannie Lewis Margaret Brown and Margaret Turner Napangarti 

She later married a fellow artist Mick Brown Tjampitjinpa – a member of another widely successful family of artists. Mary and Mick later moved 220km west of Yuendumu where Mary began to paint in 1990’s. After Micks death she moved to Kintore and married the celebrated artist Ronnie Tjampitjinpa who inspired her to produce artworks depicting women’s traditional lifestyle and ceremonies.

Mary is a respected Papunya Tula artist and her works are sought after by collectors worldwide. She has been surrounded by giants of the early indigenous art movement such as her first husband Mick Brown Tjampitjinpa and the celebrated artist Ronnie Tjampitjinpa. This is the much anticipated first solo show by Mary showcasing her full power as an artist in her own right.

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Mary Brown Napangati

MARY BROWN NAPANGARTI ( Also cited as Mary Brown Napangardi ) DOB: Circa 1949 BIRTHPLACE : In the locality of Lapi Lapi on the Western Australia / Northern Territory border … read more →