Anita West – Salt, Sand & Spinifex

“This eagerly awaited exhibition of desert subjects is sure to impress and is an outstanding follow up to her 2010 sell-out show” Trevor Harvey, Director.

Vayu/Kung/Corbett TVH Exhibition 2011

This Exhibition brings together the talents of three like minded yet totally different artists at an exciting time in their careers… Each artist has a unique aspect to their works … read more →

Lloyd Kwilla TVH Exhibition 2011

The day Wangkajunga artist Lloyd Kwilla was born, a tribal leader, healer and great bushman from his Sandy Desert region had died. According to Wangkajunga law, Kwilla therefore inherited both … read more →

Herman Pekel TVH Exhibition 2011

The Exhibition juxtaposes the romance of Paris with the ethereal Australian landscape. Both cityscape and landscapes unite in their inspiring beauty.