Lloyd Kwilla TVH Exhibition 2011

The day Wangkajunga artist Lloyd Kwilla was born, a tribal leader, healer and great bushman from his Sandy Desert region had died. According to Wangkajunga law, Kwilla therefore inherited both … read more →

Herman Pekel TVH Exhibition 2011

The Exhibition juxtaposes the romance of Paris with the ethereal Australian landscape. Both cityscape and landscapes unite in their inspiring beauty.

Warren Salter TVH Exhibition 2011

To open an exciting New Year, the Directors invite you to our first exhibition of 2011. Opens 16th February to the 27th February. “I have always found a reassurance in … read more →

Palla Jeroff TVH Exhibition 2010

Palla was born in Urmchi, Western China in 1957. From the age of 17 he studied painting at University of Xian for 7 years. Since arriving in Australia in 1985 … read more →

Peter Mars TVH Exhibition 2010

Fusing and confusing the traditional distinctions between high culture and low art, celebrated American pop artist, Peter Mars, turns his unique interpretation of popular culture to one of the greatest … read more →