George Ward Tjungurrayi

The FIRST Solo Exhibition by Wynne Prize winner George Ward Tjungurrayi. 12th – 28th March 2010.

Vayu TVH Exhibition 2010

” I call my work “drawn paintings” and my style is characterised by gessoed backgrounds and quirky positioning that allows for large areas of negative space. When I create, my … read more →

Palla Jeroff – ‘Desert’ TVH Exhibition 2009

“I would like to welcome Palla back to TVH Gallery for this very important solo exhibition. I consider these to be amogst his best works to date.” Trevor Harvey.

Anita West – “Places of My Heart”

My paintings are narratives that explore my emotive responses to the landscape and my experiences within it. I love the chaos of the bush the dryness of the earth and … read more →