Warren Salter TVH Exhibition 2011

To open an exciting New Year, the Directors invite you to our first exhibition of 2011. Opens 16th February to the 27th February. “I have always found a reassurance in the presence that seems to emanate from nature particularly trees and the bush..they have a comforting quality as if we were related in some way and I suppose we are. They are rooted centered purposeful and a constant reminder of a greater mind though seemingly humble and insignificant. Quite simply a beautiful tree can be calming by doing just what it does just being.. and telling the universal story of life death and rebirth over and over. A recent trip to Europe found me in the birch forests of southern Germany in Autumn I was so totally enriched by their beauty and contemporary design I had to put it to canvas…. These few simple words from a Japanese Zen master say it best for me…To be still Yet still moving, Now that is something” Warren Salter.