Spencer Harvey and Lloyd Harvey ‘The Poetry Series – Stanzas 1-13’ Mosman Exhibition 2019

The Poetry Series is an ongoing journey – a long, winding, digressing, illusive, curious, strange, unsettling and beautiful story that has no end. It’s not unlike the childhood game where you fold a piece of paper into sections, allowing a fold for each friend to blindly write a segment of their story. The parts to that story can be read separately and would probably be more intelligible if you did. But if you unfold the paper and read the stories together, they create something a little more disjointed, a little more unexpected, a little more… like life.

We hope you enjoy stanzas 1 through 13 of The Poetry Series.

They are only the beginning.

 S & L

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Spencer Harvey and Lloyd Harvey

Spencer Harvey and Lloyd Harvey are sister/brother photographic artists born in Sydney, Australia. They came to renown for their screenwriting work when they won an Academy Nicholl Fellowship in 2016 … read more →