Rebecca and Mark

Becky and Mark were born within the same week, same month, same year and had some of the same friends before they eventually met in the late 1990’s. Each had finished University and were both not entirely sure what they were going to do with the next part of their lives. Their first meeting was a fleeting one via a good friend named Moz, as Mark was a patron of the gym at a hotel bar where Becky worked. Fate intervened upon that occasion as shortly afterwards Mark left for a 12 month trip to Mexico where he built up his taste for travel and tolerance for hot chilli sauces!

By the time they reconnected as friends some 2 and a half years later, they bonded over a love of food and wine (cheap wine in Becky’s case!) and a deep seated desire to leave London and the big smoke behind for a less hectic life.

Becky and Mark even managed to survive their first holiday together which saw them miss their flight (allegedly Becky’s fault) and get lost in a hire car (with a lot of long silences and sighing) around the back streets of Rome.

Then fate intervened for the second time. This occasion saw an opportunity for Mark to be transferred to the Sydney office of the company he was working for in the UK. That was October 2003 and more than 11 years later, 8 house moves and 2 crazy kids they have finally purchased their first home in Sydney and started the joyous process of laying down proper family roots in Seaforth.

The years have gone by but the love has grown. Becky and Mark have 2 amazing children now, and despite all the challenging times amidst moving to the other side of the world, making new friends and starting new businesses, the laughter just grows stronger. That’s when you know you have found your true soul mate.

Becky and Mark wish to thank you for being part of their celebration of their love for each other.

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