Sweet Street


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By Romeo, Johnny size: 120 x 120 cm code: H31260 Medium: Acrylic and Oil on Canvas Genre: Painting

When the going gets tough, sometimes the best thing you can do is drum up the courage and take a ride on the wild side. Johnny Romeo tackles this philosophy head on with Kitsch Pop exuberance in his work Sweet Street. The painting deftly combines upbeat, Surrealist humour with Romeo’s penchant for breathtaking Technicolour arrangements to portray a majestic rainbow-hued tiger surfing through the stormy waves of the unknown. Amidst the fear and anxiety of pandemic life, Romeo’s candy-coloured Storm Tiger takes on new life as the rebellious Storm Rider, carving through the waves of uncertainty and forging a brave new path that beckons us to go beyond our comfort zone and reinvent ourselves as masters of our own domain. References to legendary rock’n’roll band The Doors and their hypnotic 1971 single ‘Riders on the Storm’ abound throughout the work, both in the bold word assemblage ‘Storm Rider’ and more subtly in the confectionary-flavoured title Sweet Street. Lyrically, the influence of Jim Morrison’s spectral ‘killer on the road’ is transformed into the predatory glow of the Storm Tiger riding through the tempestuous waters of the unknown. Romeo ends the piece on an optimistic high, reconfiguring Morrison’s refrain of ‘sweet memory will die’ into the eponymous Sweet Street, which we will all be riding once we overcome the Corona virus and it becomes nothing but a sweet, but dead, memory.