Felicia Aroney

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Felicia Aroney is Western Australian born, now living and working in Sydney as a leading contemporary artist.

Felicia draws inspiration from her European heritage and Australian environment. Working with oils and acrylics, her distinctive abstracted floral works, and contemporary abstracts she utilise a highly sculptural mark-making process.

Using a palette knife to layer and shape the paint until it stands relief from the canvas. Felicia’s mixed media works are a delicate combination of collage, acrylic, oil and brush mark making.

Her paintings evoke a sense of history and antiquity mixed with all things Australian. A wonderful synergy of her European heritage and Australian background.

2021 Solo “Winmark Gallery” Broke NSW
2021 Solo “Hydrangea” Exhibition Aroney Art Gallery NSW
2021 Solo “Linton & Kay Gallery” WA
2020 “Abstraction” Aroney Art Gallery Oct
2019 -2020 “Hydrangea season” Aroney Art gallery
2019 Linton & Kay Gallery WA August
2019 Art2Muse Gallery NSW October – November
2018 Milk Factory Gallery Bowral NSW September
2017 Mandoon Estate Linton and Kay Gallery WA Sept- Oct
2017 “Cape Lodge Hotel” WA Sept – Nov
2017 Art2Muse Gallery NSW November
2016 Art2Muse Gallery NSW 24th May – 7th June
2015 Art2Muse Gallery NSW April
2014 Napoleon Perdis Lifestyle Store NSW January
2014 Napoleon Perdis Lifestyle store VIC Feb/ March
2014 Gadfly Gallery WA May
2014 Milk Factory Gallery NSW Nov
2014 Sydney Childrens Hospital NSW Dec / Jan
2013 Girls with Gems store NSW
2013 Balmain Art Fair (feature artist)
2013 Art2Muse Gallery NSW
2013 Tusk Gallery VIC
2012 Art2Muse Gallery NSW
2011 Art2Muse Gallery NSW

2021 Live in Art Gallery NSW (Intercontinental Hotel Double Bay)
2021 Winmark Gallery Broke NSW
2020 Gallery One QLD “End of year group show” Dec
2020 Linton and Kay “Light and shade” Ex Dec
2020 Rochfort Gallery NSW “group show” Dec
2020 Grainger Gallery ACT “group show” Oct – Nov
2020 Rochfort Gallery “group show” NSW June
2020 Threesome 19 Karen Gallery QLD
2019 Jahroc Gallery WA April
2018 Linton & Kay Group Xmas show
2018 Milk Factory Gallery “Summer Exhibition” Dec-Jan
2018 Studio Gallery Melbourne group show (Nov-Dec)
2018 Rochfort Gallery “Petals and Pods” Exhibition 2018
2018 Studio Gallery Melbourne March 2018
2017 19 Karen Gallery Xmas show Dec-Jan 2018
2017 Art2Muse Gallery NSW Xmas show Dec-Jan 2018
2017 Milk Factory Bowral NSW Xmas show Dec-Jan 2018
2017 “Directors choice Exhibition” 19 Karen Gallery QLD July-Sept
2017 Purple Noon Gallery NSW July
2017 Milk Factory gallery NSW April
2016 Art2Muse Gallery NSW (Xmas show 2016 – 2017)
2016 Milk Factory Gallery Summer Exhibition (2016-2017)
2016 Paperpear Gallery Wagga Wagga NSW
2016 Tusk Gallery VIC (End of year show))
2016 Galleria 360, Florence, Italy (December 2016 – 2017)
2015 Linton & Kay Gallery WA end of year show
2015 Art2Muse Gallery NSW ‘End of year show” Dec/ Jan 2016
2015 Balmain Art Fair NSW
2015 St Thomas Art Fair NSW
2015 Tusk Gallery VIC Group October 2015
2015 Brisbane Modern Art Gallery QLD
2014 Jahroc Gallery WA
2014 Retrospect Gallery Byron Bay NSW
2014 Gadfly Gallery WA
2014 Tusk Gallery VIC
2014 Milk Factory Gallery NSW “Magpie exhibit”
2014 Art2Muse Gallery NSW Dec / Jan
2014 St Thomas art Fair NSW
2014 Lindfield Art fair NSW
2014 Canterbury Art fair VIC
2014 Balmain Art fair NSW
2013 Chapman and Bailey Gallery VIC
2013 Walker St Gallery
2013 Parliament House NSW
2013 Milk Factory Gallery NSW
2013 Lindfield Art Fair NSW
2013 Waverley Art Prize NSW
2013 Cam Art VIC
2013 Australian Art Show Melbourne VIC
2013 Kings Art Fair NSW
2013 Australian Art Show Sydney
2013 Balmain Art Fair NSW
2013 Art2Muse Gallery NSW
2012 Chapman and Bailey Gallery VIC
2012 Art2Muse Gallery NSW
2012 Milk Factory Gallery NSW
2012 Balmain Art Fair NSW
2012 Sydney Art Expo NSW
2012 Tusk Gallery VIC
2012 Graphic Impressions Gallery VIC
2012 Art Melbourne VIC
2012 Greek Art Exhibition Art2Muse Gallery NSW
2012 Sydney art Month NSW
2012 Brunswick Gallery VIC
2011 Art2Muse Gallery NSW
2011 Tanjent Gallery SA
2011 Tusk Gallery VIC
2011 Art Melbourne VIC
2011 Art Sydney NSW
2010 Art Melbourne VIC
2010 Art Sydney NSW
2009 Art Sydney NSW
2009 Portsea Gallery VIC
2009 Manyung Gallery VIC

2021 Lethbridge Landscape Art Prize Finalist
2020 Blacktown Art Prize Finalist
2020 Lethbridge Art Prize Finalist
2016 Seoul AFF International
2016 Gallery 360 group show Florence Italy Dec/ Jan 2017
2015 Asia Contempotay Hong Kong
2015 Hong Kong AAF International
2015 Seoul AFF International
2014 Mosman Art Prize Finalist
2014 Hornsby Art Prize Finalist
2013 Waverley Art Prize Finalist
2013 Balmain Art Fair – Feature Artist
2013 Walker St Gallery VIC Finalist

  • Felicia Aroney, The Missing Piece

  • Felicia Aroney, Secret Garden

  • Felicia Aroney, Magnolia Chorus

  • Felicia Aroney, Beach Haze

  • Felicia Aroney, Winter Wonderland

  • Felicia Aroney, Dove

  • Felicia Aroney, Coastline

  • Felicia Aroney, Autumn Rain

  • Felicia Aroney, Olive Spray

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