Jill Lewis

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RMIT University Bachelor of Arts – Fine Art 1980 – 83
RMIT University Graduate Diploma Painting 1984
Melbourne College of Advanced Education, Graduate Diploma of Education 1985
Moved with new family to Queensland in 1988. Worked as tertiary art educator in tropical Far North Queensland and then the Sunshine Coast, teaching part time for 9 years, before returning to Melbourne in 1999.
Designed, introduced and taught the first Fine Art course at the new University of the Sunshine Coast, Qld 1998- 99.

Painting, for me, is a means of understanding and communicating with the world around me when words do not suffice, which is much of the time!

For influence, I draw upon many forms of ancient and primitive art, as well as child-art. I choose such influences because those artworks were created quite directly, as a means of communication. Such influences may have taken the form of picture stories, cautionary tales within mythology, or even as ways of appealing to, or bargaining with, the gods.

In an age now where technology is so much at odds with the natural world, I try to convey a feeling of spiritual connection to the natural world. For this reason I mostly avoid representing man-made elements other than the occasional bowl, hut or boat.

In the picture plane, I flatten figures, animals, birds and plants, and change them to an unnatural scale in order to unify them. I decorate them as a way of honouring them and giving them importance in my imagined world. I “invent” new hybrid species of animals, birds and plant-forms. They simply evolve on the canvas.

Within this changed spatial relativity, along with the textured, patterned surfaces, I explore the subtle and peculiar relationships between people, animals, birds, plants and the land, via anthropomorphism. At times I attempt to convey the interesting notions of animism and totemism. Sometimes there is an undertone of an uneasy, primitive, spirit-world because of this.

That said, and just for fun, I will often employ humour in the way I portray animal and human characters, because amid the dark times, I believe there can be a place for healing divisions by laughing at ourselves.

2019 “Silent Conversations” Anthea Polson Art, Gold Coast
2015 Recent Paintings Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2013 Recent Paintings Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2012 Recent Work, Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2011 Recent Work, Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2010 Recent Paintings, Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2009 Libby Edwards Galleries Brisbane
2008 Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2007 Libby Edwards Galleries Sydney
2006 Libby Edwards Galleries Brisbane
2005 Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2004 Greetings from La La Land, Libby Edwards Galleries Brisbane
2003 Libby Edwards Galleries Sydney
2002 Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2001 Libby Edwards Galleries Sydney
2000 Libby Edwards Galleries South Yarra
1998 “A Response to the Far North” McWhirter’s Art Space Brisbane

2019 “Figures and Faces” Libby Edwards Galleries, South Yarra.
2018 Anthea Polson Art Gold Coast Queensland
2018 Libby Edwards Galleries April Curators Picks
2018 Libby Edwards Galleries, Feb Curators Picks
2017 Libby Edwards Galleries,December Curator’s picks
2017 Libby Edwards Galleries, Spring Curators Picks
2016 Salt Contemporary, Queenscliff, Victoria. (six artists).
2012 Small Works Group Show, Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2012 Femme Fatales, Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2011 Contempo, Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne
2000 Summer Show Libby Edwards Galleries Portsea
1999 Summer Show Libby Edwards Galleries Portsea
1997 The ‘Tate’ Gallery Contemporary Art Space Noosa. Qld
1996 ‘SAVE’ Gilchrist Galleries, Brisbane
1996 Group – Gilchrist Galleries, Brisbane
1994 ‘PRISM’ – 10 QLD Artists. NOOSA Regional Art Gallery
1993 Fairhill Gallery Yandina Qld
1992 Australian Artisans’ Studio, Cairns
1992 ‘Man, Land, Images’ Cairns
1992 Palm Court Gallery, Cairns
1991 “Keep the Rivers Flowing’ The Environment Centre, Cairns
1991 ‘8 Local Artists’ Palm Court Gallery, Cairns
1991 Palm Court Gallery, Cairns “Invisible Art”
(documented by National Gallery, Canberra)
1991 Palm Court Gallery, Cairns
1991 The Alice Prize, Araluen Centre, Alice Springs
1984 ROAR Studios, Melbourne – three person show
1983 RMIT Post graduate exhibition RMIT Gallery, Melbourne

Wrotham Park Station P & O Resort, Cairns, Queensland
Marriot Hotel – Brisbane.
Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery. Vic (from Exquisite Corpse Exhibition)
St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne
McDougall-Ireland Pty Ltd. Brisbane.
Mungojupp Media Productions Pty Ltd. Mt Eliza Vic.
Royal South Yarra Tennis Club, Toorak, Vic.
Caringbah Medical Centre, Sydney.
University of the Sunshine Coast, Permanent Collection
Private collections in Japan, Taiwan, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Majorca and Australia.