Yan Hongchi

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Yan HongchiLOW1988 Born in Tonghua, Jilin Province

2006 Graduated from the Mural Painting Department of Shandong College of Arts with a bachelor´s degree

Currently works and lives in Beijing



I will muse on the layers of color and their relations and distinctions in this series of works. The “flow” of material makes my interaction with it a coincidence, which is uncontrollable and changeable. It meets my expectations to some extent, seems to be some sort of relationship between stillness and quiet. I like this kind of early experience within my scope… Yan Hongchi



2018 Art Nova 100, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China

2018 Strike A Pose on The Stage, Will Space, Beijing, China

2017 CIGE Expo, One Way Art, Beijing, China

2017 Local Files, Yao Space, Shanghai, China

2016 Art Taste, PVG Art, Beijing, China

2016 Together, Rhythm Art Museum, Beijing, China

2015 Art Together, Poly International Convention and Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

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  • Yan Hongchi, White Q

  • Yan Hongchi, White Grey C

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