Zhu Peihong ‘My Space 2020’ Mosman Exhibition 2020

Harvey Galleries cordially invite you to join Zhu Peihong and curator Trevor Harvey for a special Facebook LIVE virtual tour and Q&A from Peihong’s exhibition at our Mosman gallery.

Please join us LIVE on Facebook Friday 6 November 6:30pm


Zhu Peihong – Introduction from Harvey Galleries on Vimeo.

Zhu Peihong – Invitation from Harvey Galleries on Vimeo.


Artist Statement – My Space 2020

I am a painter and mainly focus on abstract art area. My Space is my representative work. In my opinion, abstract art is free which has no specific formalization or shape, while show characteristics of independence and integrity in the level of visual expression. In my latest years’ works, my concerns of trace and color of cities has moved on to the connection between people and space.

Each one of us is a consciousness, we are creators of our own massages and also act like a mediator of different massages. These massages are formulating an invisible and abstract network that connecting each person, the shape of the network changes as our life goes on.

My Space series is a pictorial representation of consciousness network. I choose painting to express the transformation of each moment of my thoughts. Those “shapes” and “colours” filling and constructing the space with an internal order, they look beautiful while hard to tell where they truly came from. And I could tell that the study on printmaking has influenced my way of working, go through a complex process to achieve a seemingly simple result, which allows me to paint over and over again on the canvas. Brushstrokes stack on top of one another, pigments drip and spread, mediums slowly solidified, I enjoy painting back and forth until they are covered and superimposed again.

The way I paint always lead to an unimaginable result, and brings to me a sense similar to the context of Kafka’s novel. I guess it is accurate to express the consciousness network. The time I spend to paint has been extended, necessarily. My Space is boundless, abstract and a space of nothingness, seemly unordered and tangled. And would finally become balanced, ordered and natural.    Zhu Peihong

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Zhu Peihong

Artist Statement 2020 ‘I am a painter and mainly focusing on abstract art area. My Space is my representative work. On my opinion, abstract art is free which has no … read more →