Datsun Tran ’Maslow’s Flowers’ Mosman Exhibition 2018

Adaptation, conflict and cooperation are themes I’ve explored through my work in recent years. Usually when I scratch the surface in a new area of interest, I find the same adeptness to adaptation that is in us, is often key to flourishing on this planet. And while the majority of my work draws from the natural world, I’ve never explored the floral side before.

In researching for this show, my appreciation for flowers grew as I quickly found that they are not just pretty things to have in the background, but rather at the forefront of adaptation. They have a level of power that I never recognised before, appealing to us in each stage of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

From the flowers of the Fertile Crescent, which fed and clothed us, to beautifying our nests, attracting a mate, or for respect, and even inspiring us in art. Flowers have inserted themselves into every aspect of our lives, thus insuring their survival.

So in this world where animals are increasingly put on endangered lists, flowers are a section of a chain that if broken, will cause chaos. And if the past is a guide for the future, the continuation of humans on this planet is going to be inextricably linked to the survival of flowers.

Datsun Tran

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Datsun Tran

BORN 1980 Melbourne, Australia STUDIES Creative Advertising, RMIT BACKGROUND Tran is a first generation Australian from a refugee family who, as a child, had predetermined career choices that were medicine, … read more →