Heath Wae ‘The Pavilion of Dreams’ Mosman Exhibition 2020

Heath Wae (formerly Heath Newman) opens up a new dialogue in his latest series ‘The Pavilion of Dreams’. The show takes its que from Wae’s process based painting style which pays homage to a rich history of spiritual expression. From 16th century tantric minimalism to the earth artists of numerous cultures worldwide. Wae seeks to find an equilibrium between ideologies, looking at core physiological and philosophical similarities within these practices.

Wae describes his process as ‘non painting’ allowing instead for the materials: ochres, raw earth pigments, charcoal and oil to ‘speak’ for themselves. Foraging earth matter, grounding and binding with oils form the early process of Wae’s practice with most of the preliminary work being done outside the studio where Wae finds inspiration. Surfing plays an integral role in this process as Wae listens to the cosmological, atmospheric and geological forces which combine to produce waves.

“I find it profound that murmurs deep in space can travel through the universe, ricochet off planets and star systems, only to find their way into our atmosphere where they alter the weather patterns and at one of the very last points of this process become waves which given the right circumstances can be ridden for what seems to be a split second of their final moments before the energy returns to the atmosphere.”

This concept of astrological and atmospheric reading along with geological foraging fine tune Wae’s understanding of larger fields at work in the creative process. In understanding this Wae removes himself from the concept of painting and allows instead for the individual expression of the materials to create a dialogue with the surface, often loom state raw linens, cotton or hemp. This series evokes a sense of vision into a space beyond the normality of life, a place of resonance and clarity, a world of gentle rhythm. Wae’s finds solace in the words of the late Meister Eckhart:

“When the Soul wants to experience something she throws out an image in front of her and then steps into it.”

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Heath Wae

Born 1989 Formerly Heath Newman Lives and works between Melbourne and Mullumbimby Australia Heath Wae is a multidisciplinary artist currently living and working in Northern New South Wales. Following his … read more →