Johnny Romeo ‘Electric Boogaloo’ Mosman Exhibition

Johnny Romeo’s ELECTRIC BOOGALOO is a celebration of the glorious kitschness of Pop. Inspired by the works of American artist Mel Ramos, Romeo uses juxtaposition to re-appropriate and re-imagine pop culture icons in hilariously incongruous and surreal paintings. Romeo’s colourful works capture the energy and excitement of the hip-hop underground in the 1980s, with eye-catching visual and textual arrangements that evoke the slick rhymes of golden age rappers and the edginess of early graffiti. Named after the 1982 sequel to Breakdance, the series pays homage to the spirit of early hip-hop pioneers, who reconfigured elements of their own Pop reality to create art that was wholly new and original.

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Johnny Romeo

Johnny Romeo is an internationally acclaimed Australian painter. Considered Australia’s leading Pop artist, Romeo is spearheading the global Neo-Expressionist Pop movement with his electrifying collision of rock’n’roll swagger, comic book … read more →