Peter Hudson ‘Reef’ – Mosman Exhibition 2017

…. these works are essentially the result of my wanting to try out some new ideas and work with materials I don’t normally use. I had a subject, and was looking for an interesting way to make strong colour work well both aesthetically and physically with willow charcoal. To bring colour to the drawings I used oil paint,water colour paint, and various pastels and crayons, all of these worked well with the soft charcoal.

The process of making art is often full of surprise and disguise, you can head off in a certain direction, then discover the real truth in what you are doing will surface later, sometimes much later. An artist must develop a bullet proof trust in, and have an unwavering faith that art won’t let him or her down. The union of well made art, and luck, invariably brings a subjective experience to both maker and viewer, and both can be taken on a voyage to somewhere where neither have been before. Although the subject of these works is based on The Great Barrier Reef, and talk about it’s natural beauty, scale, mystery, wonder and history, the pieces did not begin life as overt environmental or political statements,but that is surely what they have evolved into…how could they not…
Its heartbreaking to witness the obvious deep trouble our precious Reef is in, it is even more heartbreaking to know it’s safety does not seem to be a priority for those who can make the necessary moves to help protect it.. Peter Hudson 2017.

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Peter Hudson

BORN  1950  Townsville, Australia STUDIES 1972-75 Queensland College of Art, Brisbane 1976-80 Jewellery Apprenticeship, Brisbane SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2015 Life is No Way To Treat An Animal. Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery. … read more →