Bernard Ollis

Bernard Ollis ‘The Artists Garden Part 2’ Mosman Exhibition 2021

“Over many years I have visited numerous artist’s gardens and studios throughout the world including Australia. I was particularly keen to look at artists that had been inspired by nature in their own work, which therefore made their garden so relevant for them. This formed the catalyst for many art works over many years. As an artist and teacher, I have acted as a tour guide to students with visits to the following studios and gardens…  Continue reading

Zhu Peihong

Zhu Peihong ‘My Space 2020’ Mosman Exhibition 2020

“I am a painter and mainly focus on abstract art area. My Space is my representative work. In my opinion, abstract art is free which has no specific formalization or shape, while show characteristics of independence and integrity in the level of visual expression. In my latest years’ works, my concerns of trace and color of cities has moved on to the connection between people and space…  Continue reading

Isaac Petersen

Isaac Petersen ‘Here and Now’ Mosman Exhibition 2020

“My work is a culmination of stories from my life, my home, and places I have been. Since I can remember the ocean and rugged landscape of where I grew up in New Zealand has inspired me to paint landscapes and the sea. These paintings kick started my career as an artist in my early twenties. As travel became a part of my adult life, my paintings expanded to capture the ‘story” of places abroad…  Continue reading

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