Johnny Romeo ‘The Sunny Side of the Moon’ Mosman Exhibition 2020

Harvey Galleries cordially invite you to join Johnny Romeo and curator Trevor Harvey for a special Facebook LIVE virtual tour and Q&A from Johnny’s exhibition at our Mosman gallery.

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Internationally acclaimed Australian Pop painter Johnny Romeo makes his highly anticipated hometown return to Sydney with his exhilarating new series, THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE MOON. Amidst the darkness and collective anxiety that has come to characterize pandemic life in 2020, Romeo’s latest series is an invigorating shot of Technicolour Poptimism that urges us to reclaim the good times, overcome adversity and embrace life to the fullest. Vibrant bursts of colour, slick tongue-in-cheek imagery and witty wordplay all collide into a thrilling collection of paintings that confronts our mortality head on with life-affirming zeal, Pop irreverence and an indomitable sense of hope. In a year plagued with fear and uncertainty, Australia’s King of Pop delivers a powerful call to action to never give up on our dreams and our pursuit of the sunny side of the moon, no matter the odds.

“It goes without saying that the Corona pandemic has had an immense impact on all our lives. The lockdowns, coupled with the uncertainty of when life will return to ‘normal’, has created a general sense of isolation, anxiety, and hopelessness amongst people. Reflecting on my own experiences during pandemic life, I was motivated to create a body of work that tapped into our collective sense of hope and acted as a reminder to embrace life even in its dark moments. The things that I have always admired about Pop culture – its wide-eyed sense of escapism, its larger-than-life nature, and its ability to dream big – took on a much more profound meaning in light of the Corona crisis. In my latest series, THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE MOON, I really wanted to push the slick, Pop elements of my artmaking practice to the fore, and use Pop Art and humour as a way to make sense of a world where the Absurd has become the norm. Much like life in 2020, there is a healthy dose of the Surreal that courses through each painting in the series. More importantly, however, there is an undeniable sense of resilience and positivity that underpins each work, as I depict Pop culture striving to find meaning and purpose in the unfamiliar, scrambling through the dark in search of the sunny side of the moon”.

Johnny Romeo

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Johnny Romeo

Johnny Romeo is an internationally acclaimed Australian painter. Considered Australia’s leading Pop artist, Romeo is spearheading the global Neo-Expressionist Pop movement with his electrifying collision of rock’n’roll swagger, comic book … read more →