Boom Town

SKU: H33511

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
124 x 124 cm Framed


H33511 Boom Town

Boom Town, the final painting in Johnny Romeo’s Landed!, concludes the series by asking the big philosophical questions: How do you transform yourself? How do you turn your dreams into reality? How do you land, and when do you know that you’ve landed? For both the artist and Surrealist visionary Salvador Dali, the answer is profound but simple: Just do it. Romeo delivers this message with tongue firmly in cheek, as he portrays Salvador Dali with a Nike swish in place of his signature twirled moustache. Steeped in Absurdist humour, the mash-up of Dali and Nike works remarkably well as the logo blends in convincingly with Dali’s beloved wide-eyed expression. As the world’s most influential Surrealist, Salvador Dali was a visual alchemist who tapped into the subconscious to unlock his imagination and make his psychedelic visions a reality. Known as much for his wild antics as his wildly inventive art, Dali’s life was characterized by a sense of radical confidence, fearlessness, and an ambition to break down the boundaries of what was considered impossible. One could say that Salvador Dali, in the spirit of Nike’s slogan, was driven by the desire to roll up his sleeves and ‘just do it’. For Romeo, the Surrealist master embodies the essence of adventure and self-transformation that lies at the heart of being ‘landed’. Harnessing the power of Dali, Romeo’s uses the word assemblage ‘Dali Do It’ to strip down the commercial overtones of Nike’s slogan and transform it into the mission statement of his latest series. It is only by taking a chance and ‘doing it’ that we can unlock the doors to Boom Town, a place where legends are made, and anything is possible.


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Johnny Romeo is an internationally acclaimed Australian painter. Considered Australia’s leading Pop artist, Romeo is spearheading the global Neo-Expressionist Pop movement with his electrifying collision of rock’n’roll swagger, comic book aesthetics and street art. Described by GQ Magazine Australia as ‘part punk, part pop’, Romeo’s Kitsch Pop works are explosive sugar rushes of Technicolour imagery and urban grittiness that are turning heads worldwide.

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Johnny Romeo

Boom Town

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